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We combine our expertise in branding strategies, intellectual property strategies, and innovation strategies to deliver HIGH IMPACT RESULTS for BUSINESS GROWTH. We enjoy serving the ENTREPRENEURIAL community of innovative small businesses located ANYWHERE.

We build valuable Intellectual Property Assets.

A PATENT can protect your innovative concepts.
A TRADEMARK can protect your distinctive brands.
A CONTRACT can protect your mutual promises.
A BRAND can position your business for success in the marketplace.


All businesses need to create distinctive brands without exception.  Consulting a Trademark Attorney during the creative process can have STRATEGIC value in guiding the development of your brand assets. Timely professional advice can help you avoid unnecessary time & expense associated with over committing to the development of unprotectable brand assets. 


As the owner of distinctive brand assets, you should consider protecting them from dilution or theft by third parties.  The best way to legally protect your valuable brand assets is by obtaining a Trademark registration covering each asset. The best practice is to conduct substantial due diligence before submitting your Trademark application to avoid conflicts with protected and unprotected brands of other business owners in similar industries. A creative Trademark Attorney can make a huge difference in alternatively crafting a distinctive mark as a memorable & protectable brand asset. 


Patenting is the best way to protect new product and process concepts from third-party misappropriation. A well-prepared patent application can protect multiple variations of an innovative concept in the absence of pre-existing relevant prior art. Similar to other types of intellectual property rights, a patent can be licensed to one or more parties to generate multiple streams of royalties as passive income. 

We love CREATIVE CHALLENGES! We protect original inventions. We protect distinctive brand assets.

What is our UNIQUE VALUE PROPOSITION? Unlike most intellectual property attorneys, we relish COLLABORATING with our clients during the CO-CREATIVE PROCESS. Our clients appreciate our innovative contributions arising from our understanding of both branding principles AND trademark law, or both innovation principles AND patent law. Powerful combination of expertise, talent, and creativity. Ready to UPLEVEL your biz success?
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What Clients Say About Dr. Kim

"Loree takes the time to interface synergistically with innovators/scientists/engineers by listening well, understanding well, and conceptualizing superbly with innovating parties. I appreciate that she has the ability to break down and explain complex legal concepts, thus focusing and increasing the effectiveness of the collaborators."

"She constantly strives for excellence and doesn’t understand people who settle for mediocrity. She is very open-minded and enjoys brain-storming sessions, especially with inventors and other patent attorneys."

"Loree has the rare ability to write a patent in a language that is understandable to the scientist, and to understand where the scientist is coming from. Loree's direct style and extraordinary commitment has been an inspiration in subsequent applications I submitted. She will be a valuable asset to any organization searching a highly competent Intellectual Property Attorney."

"I have worked with Loree on multiple projects, including the development of promotional materials that need the review of executives before final publication. No matter how busy she was, Loree always provided substantive input to improve the content or to clarify the language, instead of just rubber stamping, so that the final collaborative product was the best it could be. It was clear that she had a comprehensive understanding of our products at the technical and clinical levels, and combined with her knowledge of the patent and trademarks covering our products, I would say that it would be difficult to find another patent attorney who appreciated the advantages of our products and how they could be leveraged to maximize their full market potential."

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