We represent clients at different stages in their business, each having custom requirements. Thus, you can select the CONSULTING OPTION most suitable for solving your current or foreseeable business challenges in 2021.

We can COMBINE multiple consulting options into a single service "package," if you need more comprehensive support. We craft CUSTOM SERVICE PACKAGES to fit the needs of each client.

The consulting engagement period can be project-based or duration-based, depending on the scope of the project. Long-term contracts are possible, renewable by 6-month extensions under mutually agreeable terms. 

If you have any further questions that cannot be answered on this site, please do not hesitate to complete the contact form on the CONTACT page. Please be SPECIFIC in your request for further information. We will respond via email within 48 hours of receipt.

If you wish to receive professional guidance, you can schedule a 30-minute consultation by selecting the "SCHEDULE NOW" button (top menu), which will direct you to my scheduler. Please select the PAID CONSULTATION option. You can expect to complete a simple contact form and make a payment of $300 processed through PayPal. 

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Loree J. Kim, PhD, JD, Esq.